Stuart Hyatt is a Grammy-nominated artist and musician who creates interdisciplinary projects in the public realm. His current work turns audio field recordings into music, releasing collaborative and experimental albums under the Field Works moniker. This body of work is now available in a 7-album box set from the Brooklyn-based record label Temporary Residence LTD. A companion listener’s guide has been published by the Dutch imprint Jap Sam Books.

Hyatt’s work is intended to celebrate marginalized communities, at-risk species, and fragile ecosystems. Each project is cross-disciplinary and involves diverse collaborators, from esteemed scientists and authors to homeless veterans and disabled individuals.

He is the founder of TEAM Records, an imprint for music recordings and performances. He is a member of M12 Studio, the arts collective known for work that examines contemporary rural aesthetics, landscapes, and communities. Hyatt also works independently via commission as Stuart Hyatt Studio, LLC. He lives in Indianapolis.

Instagram: @teamrecords